2021, Vol.21

5) Last days of Holyrood
A picture essay of Younger’s Holyrood Brewery shortly before closure, by its production manager Les Hutcheon

13) The McEwans
Eleanor Docherty looks into the family history of the McEwan dynasty

39) The temperance movement
John Martin examines the rise and decline of the anti-alcohol movement

48) Low-alcohol beers
Jim Lawrie looks at low- and no-alcohol beers of the past

53) COVID and its impact on Scottish breweries
John Martin surveyed several corporate members of the SBAA on their reaction to the

62) The history of Crisp Malt
Colin Johnston of Crisp Malt tells the story of the company

77) Strathalbyn Brewers: a contribution to their history
Robbie Pickering outlines the story of Clydebank’s first microbrewery

87) Brewing at Strathalbyn
Former head brewer Billy Mathers describes brewing at Beardmore Way in 1982

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Newsletter No. 60

Newsletter No. 60

1. Chairman’s Statement: Welcome to the July Newsletter. The Newsletters are issued on a quarterly basis to coincide with the four seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Did I say Summer, looks like it is still to make an appearance, well here’s...

Newsletter No. 59

Newsletter No. 59

1. Chairman’s Statement: With Spring in the air, the SBAA are planning a number of events to be held during the year, please see Last Runnings for details. If you wish to attend any of these events, please contact Ivor our secretary to book your place so that the...

2023, Vol. 23

Contents 5) Lagering of beer: art, science, myth? Jim Murray discusses the gap between industrial and traditional lager brewing 18) Tennent's beers 1830-31 Edd Mather digs in the archives 24) Brewery water wells Bill Williamson and John Martin look at brewery water...